"Paret reiser gjennom landet på ei flygende ku."

Translation:The couple is traveling through the country on a flying cow.

July 5, 2015

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Illustrated by the talented Buruboro:


This would be better if it was a continuation of the chicken story line....flygende kylling


He's too busy ruling the country.


Is it a tale? Where is it from?


It's just a silly sentence AFAIK.


I love humor, and like the humor of this course very much, but when I read a funny sentence I am always confused. Since I am not a native English speaker I cannot decide: 1. Is it an idiom? 2. Is it a quotation from a tale or a Sci-Fi novel? 3. Is it just joke? Perhaps yous should mark the idioms at least, for example with a pictogram.


Yes, idioms can be confusing, but at least this way Duo keeps you on your toes and understanding the sentence, not just guessing.


Except more often then not I am unwilling to believe that that is actually the sentence I just read. More than keeping me on my toes I can just get these wrong a lot. I find that sentences like these, while fun, have a tendency to make it more difficult for me to learn. But that could just be because I'm dyslexic, so I don't tend to trust myself when a sentence seems odd, even in my native language.


That would be nice if it was possible. I guess asking or maybe using a search for the phrase in any search engines would work.


A feel a book coming along ;)


Hvor kan jeg kjøpe billetter til den flygende kua?

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