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  5. "Без молока і без масла"

"Без молока і без масла"

Translation:Without milk and without butter

July 5, 2015



Sorry Mirka, but we've always used 'ґ' for 'gas' ('ґаз'). Also, I have heard people using all of the above words that Myron wrote out for us. (I've used the anglicized term 'бейкон' for bacon.) I've heard those terms being used for decades. (At least in Canada & the USA.)

Also, I've noticed in North America that the Ukrainian diaspora has retained a lot of the 'old'words & sayings that young Ukrainians of today will NOT understand.

For example, when I was speaking to a young Ukrainian friend from Sumy, Ukraine telling her that "Yesterday, I went shopping to the store for fruits." And I used the way I was taught, and said, "Вчора, я пішла до скепу купити овочі." Her eyeballs popped out of her head, and she ashed, "Де ти ішла по овочі?" ("Where did you go for fruit/vegetables?") "До слепу!" (LOL) --- "cклеп' is the 'old' Ukrainian term for a 'store' (a place where food and things are kept for sale.)

Now, the funny part is that TODAY, with the language being evolved, a "склеп" means a "mausoleum" where dead people are kept! LOL .... I know now, WHY her eyes popped out ot her head: I should have been buying embalming fluid instead of fruits & veggies!! LOL :D :D

[deactivated user]

    "cклеп' is the 'old' Ukrainian term for a 'store' (a place where food and things are kept for sale.)

    This meaning of «склеп» is Western, and Sumy is in the Eastern Ukraine, so this word was never used there in this meaning. It's not an 'old' word for her, it's a foreign word for her. It's a word from the West that was never used in Sumy.

    Also, it's not really specific to Ukrainian: 'sklep' means 'shop' in Polish.


    Shouldn't "Without milk and without OIL" be correct as well?


    "oil" is олія in Ukrainian

    "Machine oil" is often called масло, though. But if we speak about cooking, it's always олія


    Really? We call machine oil мастило where I'm from, people would laugh at it being called масло, that's only for butter...


    That's not right, but that happens :)


    ROFL I wonder if the three of us would understand each other if we were to talk about oil (motor and cooking), gas, gasoline, kerosene, grease, margarine, butter and (just for fun) bacon..


    Should be мастило, олія, газ, бензин, гас, жир, маргарин, масло and бекон :)


    oil - олива. Для обидва мотора і варити. Але це не одне або одного, переплутати поміж них не добре. ;)

    gas - ґаз

    gasoline - бензина

    kerosene - нафта

    grease - мастило

    margarine - марґарин

    butter - масло

    bacon - солонина


    The translations are what I grew up with.


    Interesting to know how language differs :)

    Here is гас
    Олива is used sometimes to speak about machine oil, but never about the vegetable one. Grease in meaning "industrial lubricant" is indeed мастило


    are you a representative of Ukrainian Diaspora, Myron?..

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