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It's not the European Portuguese (or African for what matter) but the Brazilian Portuguese.

I'm Portuguese (from Portugal) and it's really hard for me to have the Portuguese course right. I score better in English than in my native language :(

October 11, 2013



if it doesn't accept a translation you can report it, the Spanish course has all kinds of British words accepted like trousers instead of pants etc, probably because learners have reported them


É português do Brasil. It is brazillian portuguese.


você vai aprender um novo português ^^


Haha! Yes, it is Brazilian Portuguese. I used to study Portuguese in college and we had a number of people in the classes from Angola, the Azores (Açores) and Portugal. There was definitely some fine tuning going on. :) It's like the difference between American English and British English. When it comes down to the fine details, you will learn a new language. Hey, I used to live in Brazil and when I went to Portugal the first time, I had a really hard time understanding some people just like I can't understand some people with a really strong Scottish accent (and I am a native English speaker). Boa sorte!

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