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"Die Entschuldigung"

December 29, 2012



How in the world do I learn how to spell entschuldigung?


Until you get the hang of it, come up with something that helps, like remember:

Ents chu ldi gung
Ents chew oldie gunk

Ents = the tree things in LOTR

chew = but these Ents are from China so they spell it "Chu" because the last name of one of the Ents is Chu.

oldie = The oldest one lost both his arms so chop off the o and e from oldie = ldi

gunk = gung is pronounced like gunk. The "g" and the end of a word is pronounced like "k". You should know this, but for now just remember to spell gunk like gung because you're so gung-ho to learn how to spell Entschuldigung.

Ents chew oldie gunk.

Edit: Please don't use this for the pronunciation!


This is the best way I've ever heard to spell it...


Ehn chewl dei guhng


That's a cool mnemonic, but I can easily spell Entschuldigung!


"This is the best way I've ever heard to spell it..." Me too :) Congrats Hohenems!!!


Ehn chewl dei guhng


lol'd at tree things from LOTR


Wow you're amazing.


The hardest part is tsch. It's pronounciation is english "ch" like first sound in word "chair". The other variants are sch which is pronounced as "sh" as in last sound of "fish" and ch which has no counterpart in English. So remember pronounciations. It helps!


Do you mean spelling or pronunciation?


I think they mean pronunciation. If you know how to pronounce it as en - chul - di- gung, and you know that the English "ch" sound is spelled tsch in German, then as long as you know that you pronounce it with an English ch, then you'll know to spell it tsch. That's how I'm remembering, at least.


just think ENTS CHUL DIGU NG or EN TS CH UL DI GU NG just split it up somehow that's how i got 100% in my German test for school


Bad spltting… the prefix /ent/ before /schuldig/ before the suffix /ung/ works better.


What else would it be? You say "the" or "an" apology. You can form the plural "apologies".


why is an apology a noun?


The word "apology" is a noun, as in "He is waiting for the apology." In English it is usually said as "I apologize," which makes it a verb. If you say "My apologies," it becomes a noun again.


why is die capitalized here?


Because it is at the begining of the sentence.


Is this word also used to express your own apologies? If you just say "Entschuldigung," by itself, is it like saying "I'm sorry?" If not, how would you say that you're sorry?


You're right. Apart from "Entschuldigung" you could say "Es tut mir leid." to apologise.


Entschuldigung, now has three meanings, excuse me, the apology, I'm sorry. I trust these meanings are contextual, and all will become clear later.


Sigh And here I wrote "the sorry"


look to the above discussion...


The question is whether in German that's the way to apologize. The Apology? cause that's no English


This is not how to apologize, this is "the apology". I apologize/excuse me/I'm sorry = Entschuldigung. The apology = die Entschuldigung.


THANK you, this is exactly what I needed to read


I should have went with my gut. "The Apology" sounds weird, so I said "I apologize". No one says "Die entshuldigung" do they?


I just realized "The Apology" is something rather than a phrase.


For example, this is used colloquially in school when you have been sick and you hand in a note from your parents. This note is called "Entschuldigung" (although it is actually a request to the teacher to excuse your absence from school)..


It might have made more sense to you if you had been presented with the phrase "ein Entschuldigung ist gut" before this…

If you just say "Entschuldigung" to somebody, it means "my apologies", "I'm sorry", or "forgive me". If you have "die Entschuldigung" it means "the apology", "the excuse".


But Entschuldigung was Excuse me


I got a little bit lucky with this one. It was only the 2nd question with "Entschuldigung" in this lesson and lucky for me I thought to really examine the word before typing the English translation. So that's how I was able to spell it right. I forgot about the noun capitalization thing though!

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