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  5. "Де ваше крісло?"

"Де ваше крісло?"

Translation:Where is your armchair?

July 5, 2015


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and another false friend ;)


What does it sound like to you? :) Crisis? Crease? (native speaker missing out on a joke)

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I thought about Polish world (I'm Polish ;) ) - "krzesło" :D


Oh, I see, and it simply means "chair", not "armchair"! Haha, sorry, Polish comrades B] In Ukrainian дівка also just means a girl (ok, kinda with a flavour of being seductive, but still not a bad word...) ;)

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дівка - that one i've known before :) And about chairs... Ukrainian стілець sounds similiar to Polish "stolec" :x

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How can we even understand each other without constantly (well, unintentionally) offending :S

Actually almost never heard Polish people speak. Watched Gummy Bears in Polish, but that's hook... I mean, chair-safe. Will be in Poland this summer, need to listen carefully :D


I'm just American 0_0


And as a Ukrainian-Canadian, we used "крісло" for any "chair" in general, not a specific term as an "armchair". Must be the "old' Western Ukrainian dialect that is still proficient in North America today. :)

[deactivated user]

    Actually, while chairs without arms are normally be called «стіле́ць», I don't think using «крі́сло» for any chair is incorrect in Ukrainian as spoken in Ukraine. This meaning is found in the dictionary «Словник української мови», albeit with a mark 'rare':

    1. Різновид широкого, переважно м'якого стільця, з бильцями та зручною спинкою; фотель. [...]
    2. рідко. Те саме, що стілець. [...]

    I would sometimes call normal chairs 'крі́сла', too. I think this should be accepted as an alternative.


    What would a recliner be?

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