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  5. "Det snør ikke her."

"Det snør ikke her."

Translation:It does not snow here.

July 5, 2015



we must not be in Norway then...


You forget that Southwestern Norway often have very mild winters with very little or no snow.


I think instead I forgot to add a smiley to make clear I wasn't being entirely serious


I was aware, but I think there's a stereotype about Norway being just cold, while most forget that Norway is a very long country, so I wouldn't want this to be just another reinforcement of that idea.


Apologies for reinforcing a stereotype about Norway


Thanks. Now if you'll have me excused I have a polar bear in my yard I need to take care of ...after I've finished eating this lutefisk.


Now here's a sentence I can definitely use!


Audio: The robot audio has forgot to take away a "å" sound after the word "ikke". The å has no function in this phrase, it is an infinit mark ( like to in english) and does not belong to "ikke". must be a leftover from another sentence...Duo Lingo: Please correct this!

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