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Do you have to be bilingual to use the incubator?

I really want to help using the incubator as most people do but the thing is, not a lot of people are bilingual.

It seems that the people who mostly want to contribute have only been learning some kind of language only for a few years.

So my question is: Can the incubator be changed so everyone can contribute?

October 11, 2013



We are really looking for people who have a very good handle on the language they are contributing to. We want the entries to be as accurate as possible and we think being very close to bilingual will help make the languages that come out of the Incubator a huge success. There will be ways for people to help out. We'll keep you in the loop as the program develops. It's all very exciting!


Ok, great to hear that!


I suppose people who are not very close to being bilingual can contribute on the stage of beta testing. After all, a lot of learners here suggest alternative translations and report inaccuracies as they learn, and of course they are not fluent in the target language at the time.

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