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  5. "Li loĝas en apartamento."

"Li loĝas en apartamento."

Translation:He lives in an apartment.

July 5, 2015



Loĝejo - Living Place Apartamento - Apartment


Loĝejo with o is the word.


Thanks, I hadn't noticed. Corrected.


I'm confused as to why apartment doesnt have an N at the end of it. Isnt it the direct object?


No, generally the accusative is not used after prepositions. However, it is used if you want to indicate motion. For example, a sentence like "Li iras en apartamenton" (he walks into the apartment) would use the accusative. :)


A direct object is never introduced by a preposition (see Mickey's excellent comment). But “loĝi” can be used transitively (with a direct object) if you omit the preposition (“en”). You may roughly think about “li loĝas apartamenton” as “he occupies an apartment.” (To occupy is not the same as to live in but I could not find any other English word that uses a direct object.)


I swear I can never hear the difference between Li and Mi

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