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"Я не можу знайти мої окуляри!"

Translation:I cannot find my glasses!

July 5, 2015



This sentence sounds pretty strange to me. I would never say it like this. I would say "Я не можу знайти свої окуляри"

Я and мої in the same sentence sounds as redundant as double negative in English... (e.g. I can't find no glasses)


Exactly! Same in Slovakian (and in every other Slavonic language presumably). I am not sure if " мої " is incorrect in this sentence, but " свої " sounds definitely better.


Could you please explain this to me since I have no idea how that "svoyi" works?


Свій is a possessive pronoun, like мій or ваш. It's used when the possessor is the same as the subject of the sentence. For example: Я шукаю свій телефон. (Instead of Я шукаю мій телефон.) Він знає своїх дітей. (Instead of Він знає його дітей.)

Similarly, себе is the reflexive personal pronoun (there is, for obvious reasons, no nominative form). For example: Я не люблю себе. (Instead of Я не люблю мене.)

For the different inflections, look up свій and себе at this link: https://lcorp.ulif.org.ua/dictua/


can not and cannot are the same.


Pronoun "Свой" works in the same way than pronoun "себе"?


It's свій, but yes, it does.


моїх окулярів?

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