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"Jeg snakker norsk, men jeg har et amerikansk pass."

Translation:I speak Norwegian, but I have an American passport.

July 5, 2015



Need to get this off my chest: As someone from the United States who has been fortunate enough to have travelled abroad and met wonderful people from all over North and South America, I have always been uncomfortable when hearing the word “American” used as if it applied only to those of us from the United Stares. Canadians, Mexicanos, Colombianos, Ecuadorianos, Peruanos, Bolivianos, Brasileiros, etc., are all Americans


Agreed! I try to make it a point to say I'm from the US, not "I'm an American" for exactly your point. Also, have a lingot for your typo, which made me giggle: ... those of us from the United Stares. ;)


Uttalelse er rar: Det sier "...amerikanskE pass" med -e på sluttet av "amerikansk". Eller hører jeg bare stemmer?


This sentence could be about me! ;)


Jeg også! Men hjertet mitt er Norsk. <3


There 56 countries in America so you must specify which country you are talking about.

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