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  5. "Han har en jakke på seg."

"Han har en jakke seg."

Translation:He is wearing a jacket.

July 5, 2015



can we use the normal "han har pa seg en jakke" as well?


Yes, either is fine.


Is there a difference in connotation or formality, or are they equal?


They're equal, with "..på seg en X" being the more common construction.


lol I do not have a Norwegian keyboard :P and didn't realize that it can be written as paa on an English one :)


If you don't have the keys, just write like this instead. It makes it easier to distinguish between words like 'måne' and 'mane'.

å = aa

æ = ae

ø = oe

If you read old Norwegian texts you'll notice many aa's :)


i use "alt" and then a combination of numbers to make any symbol which is not exist in the keyboard. you must use the numbers on the side of the keyboard (the part that looks like a calculator).

the numbers for the norwegian symbols:

å= alt, 0229

ø= alt, 0248

æ= alt, 0230

for any other symbols, you can ask professor doctor google;)


Isn't it a bit of an overkill? I simply added Norwegian keyboard layout in system preferences. Not like German, for instance, Norwegian layout does not mix up the standard letter positions. Only punctuation marks have changed their location, so I think Norwegian layout is quite easy to adapt to.


Thanks for making my keyboard Norwegian-friendly :D


There is a program for windows called ax. Its free and amazing. Just select the language and you can cycle through accents using f8.


Just knowing the literal translation of "seg" being himself/herself (and thus reflexive), can help you understand what's being said here. It's just a round about way of saying the same thing with "har på seg".


I think "he has a jacket on himself" should be correct, right?


The literal translation is not always the best one, it's not common to say that in English.


He has a jacket on him


So when do you use 'jakke' and 'en jakke' for 'a jacket'. Very, very, very confusing. In other words, when is 'han har jakke på seg' ok and when is 'han har en jakke på seg'? And when can 'bruker' be used? This is not at all well explained.

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