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  5. "Metro nerede?"

"Metro nerede?"

Translation:Where is the subway?

July 5, 2015



Which one is preferred in spoken language, metro or subway? Thanks in advance.


In English, you mean? It depends on where you are. In the US, "subway" is the generic term, but some cities call their subway the "metro." (I always say "subway" unless I know I'm in a city where it's called something different.) I think it's similar in Canada, but there seem to be more cities with "metros" there than in the US.

I'm not sure about other English-speaking countries. They say "tube" and "underground" in the UK, but I don't know if they ever say "metro" or "subway," or if the preferred names vary by city. (And I have no idea about Australia and New Zealand.)


Subway in the uk is a tunnel for pedestrians to get from one side of the road to another safely. We'd say underground or tube in London but I believe other cities in the UK have a metro


Thanks so much for this useful explanation.


None of these are used in Australia - we would just say train station


Isn't there a way to seperate metro station and train station? I mean for example you said "I am waiting for you in front of the train station" to your friend. How does he/she know where he/she will go?


As far as I am aware nothing is called the metro in Australia, so it should be pretty clear - if you mean a long-distance train station vs. intra-city train station you would just say that.


But now we've got trams and light rail to throw in the mix


"Metro nerede?" Translation: Where is the subway?

In London we just say - "the tube."

Most tourists that have asked me for "the tube" immediately recognise the London Underground Signs outside tube stations when shown.


Tube and underground should be accepted as in uk we don't think to translate metro with subway


After playing Metro 2033 I'd say metro is an all-rounder.


Does turkey have metros?

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