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Irish Pronunciation Help

Now that I have been learning Irish for quite a while now, I am getting the hang of lenition and eclipsis and all of the other complicated grammar concepts of the language. However, I still have a major weakness: pronunciation. If I am reading a newspaper article or a short story in Irish, I find myself not knowing how to pronounce almost every other word that I read. I have been using Forvo and other pronunciation guides to help me figure out how to say Irish words correctly, but there are so many different dialects that I can hear the same word pronounced a lot of different ways. I also am having trouble hearing the difference between broad and slender consonants for certain letters (mainly d/n/t/l). I would really appreciate if someone would be able to make a more in-depth pronunciation guide with the pronunciation of vowels, diphthongs, and slender/broad consonants from the dialect that is most commonly spoken in Ireland. I know this is a lot to ask, but I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks for the help!

July 5, 2015



I found Karen Reshkin's guide and video most helpful:



Thank you for this guide!!! For the first time I feel like I can actually pronounce something in Irish without second-guessing myself!


This a guide to pronouncing each of the letters in the alphabet.

There is another article here with a section about dialects.

This is a dictionary where you can hear the word in each of the dialects.

I hope I helped.


That first pronunciation guide is off. Irish <r> is not supposed to be pronounced like English <r>, for example. And there's a difference in the sounds between broad and slender consonants, though you'd never tell it by looking at that.


OK, thanks for letting me know. Not everything on the Internet is trustworthy... :)


Thank you so much!!!!!!! These websites are amazing! Your help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks for all the links! I just started Irish and was feeling discouraged due to the lack of pronunciation assistance. It's otherwise a great program, but I love how the Spanish course has audio and a vocabulary list. Would love to see this in Irish as well! :)


Yeah, I'm really struggling with pronunciation. Really wish there was more audio guidance, it's just not quite enough. And a vocab list would be incredibly useful. I find myself wanting to look up words all the time. :(

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