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  5. "He is changing you."

"He is changing you."

Translation:Tá sé do d'athrú.

July 5, 2015



someone care to do an analysis of this sentence?


When the object of a verbal noun is a pronoun, you have to change the structure to this: Tá x do y VN. x is the subject, and y is the possessive pronoun. So, here you have Tá sé do do athrú. But, because the second do comes before a vowel sound, it becomes d' - Tá sé do d'athrú.


where the first "do" means "to" and the second "do" means "your" ?


The first do doesn't mean 'to', now. It's a holdover from an older form of Irish. In fact, in some dialects, ag is used instead of that first do.


Should "tá sé do bhur n-áthru" be accepted? I may have gotten it slightly wrong but no plural answer was offered.


Why is it that the 'do' isn 't required in the sentence : 'tá sé a n-athrú'? GRMA


In the caighdeán, 'do' isn't used in the 3rd person. But it appears in Connacht as dhá, i.e. do + á. Tá sé dhá n-athrú


My problem is that the "d'" doesn't show up as an option to select! At this rate I'll be circularly stuck in this module forever! I had a similar issue with another module for another reason. Where is the d'?


"Bhur" is given as an option, it accepts that as correct.


d' or d'athrú isn't in the words provided.

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