"У вас є блог?"

Translation:Do you have a blog?

July 5, 2015

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"г" in блог: Is it pronounced as in English (as a plosive) or the 'normal Ukrainian way' (fricative)?


We're still not sure :)

Recent loan words that have "g" in English often have two variants of spelling in Ukrainian: with г (that's like a more "traditional" way) and with ґ (this is closer to the original pronunciation and corresponds to the latest set of rules on Ukr- Eng transliteration).

So when you are reading a written text, you should read what is written. When you are speaking or write your own text you can shoose whichever variant you like (блог - блоґ)


I was wondering why they didn't use the ґ for those words but I guess that's changing. Does Ukrainian have a plosive 'g' sound natively?


… the second one seems to be correct. I just heard it in another audio file. I should have been a bit more patient, sorry for that.

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