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eTandem - talk to someone from your target language who's learning your native language

In another discussion, someone mentioned eTandem and linked to the site - http://www.cisi.unito.it/tandem/etandem/ - so I decided to try it out.

The idea is that you sign up (with details like your language, target language, age, proficiency, and so on), and then you are linked with someone from the country of your target language, with whom you can exchange emails, calls, etc.

This person signs up in order to learn your native language, so you can have conversations in both languages.

Instead of trying to learn a language by talking to someone else who is learning, you get a much more effective experience through use of both languages!

October 11, 2013



In that case you might enjoy https://www.verbling.com/ It is the same concept, but you are matched with someone instantly and can talk through webcam :)

Also, if you would like to practice writing, http://lang-8.com/ is a great place to do so.


Thank you both, very useful!

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