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"Biyoloji mi daha zor yoksa kimya mı?"

Translation:Is biology or chemistry more difficult?

July 5, 2015



In a previous post on the use of 'mi' it said that it was only for 'yes/no' questions. So then, should it be added that it is also for all comparison questions?


Doesn't it mean the same as "Is biology more difficult than chemistry"? Why isn't this variant accepted?


Because this is another structure.

Biyoloji kimyadan daha zor mu? = Is biology more difficult than chemistry?


is biology or chemistry more difficult??? What does that mean?


= Is biology more difficult? Or is chemistry more difficult?


The audio in slow motion doesn't pronounce the second "mı".


yoksa / veya / nothing?

OK, I get that you use yoksa to choose between two options, and veya when the answer could be anything else. But what about those sentences where neither is used?

The lesson on optatives has the sentence: Bira mı içelim şarap mı - using neither yoksa nor veya.

So is this used in specific cases or is it a general possibility?

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