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What happens when someone stop learning for a few days?

Hi, I'm new here and I wonder what happens when someone stops collecting the XPs for about 10 days? Am I going to lose everything and start from the beginning when I come back or maybe nothing happens?

July 5, 2015



Nothing happens to your xp or duo's list of the lessons you've done. Some skills in the tree will probably lose some leaves, reflecting duo's guess as to how much you've forgotten.


You will lose your 4 day streak, you'll lose some of the skill strength you've built up on your tree, you might forget what you've learned or at least some of it. A break now and then is good. It makes you work that much harder to recall. But if you're like me and have a hard time sticking things through, a break might mean you never come back :C Hopefully you'll come back. Other than that, you'll still retain your current level of 5 in Swedish and 2 in German. :)


Thanks for the replay :) I don't won't the break but I won't have possibility to use the internet on holidays and I wanted to know how it works. Good to know that I won't have to do every single thing from the beginning :D


Some of your skills will probably need strengthening. If they are all gold now some or all of them will lose a bar or two so you will have to answer about 20 questions on each of those to make them gold again. That is if you are trying to keep them gold, if not you can just move on to the next skill and come back and make them gold when you feel like it. But it will probably be a good idea to refresh, especially if you are only on level five.


Your day streak will start over. You may need to strengthen some skills. I'm sure nothing else though! Happy studies!

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