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"La knabino finas manĝi la pomon."

Translation:The girl finishes eating the apple.

July 5, 2015



excuse me my ignorance about the english language, can someone of you explain me why this sentence is not right: " the girl finishes to eat the apple "? thank you


"Finish" can be followed only by a gerund so it has to be "eating" not "to eat".


thanks a lot mihxal


Also note that a similar word, "stop", works similarly: "She stopped eating the apples" (Ŝi finis manĝi la pomon).

This can also be used with "to" + base form but that means something else! "She stopped to eat the apple" = Ŝi haltiĝis por manĝi la pomon (she stopped moving, or she stopped what she was doing before, in order to eat the apple).


As a long time English speaker, i find that the glottal stop between sounds is hard to understand. I hear "lak nabino", but i expect the phrase to sound like "la knabino". Do i need to learn to listen differently?


Why is it "finas manĝi" and not "finas manĝas"?


Because you usually only have one conjugated verb (-as, -is, -os, -us, -u) per clause - any others are in the infinitive or participle forms.

The Esperanto infinitive works like both the English infinitive (Mi volas manĝi - I want to eat; Mi povas danci - I can dance) and the English gerund (the -ing form that acts liks a noun: Mi amas kanti - I love singing; Fumi estas danĝere - Smoking is dangerous).


could you say

La knabino finas mangxanti la pomon?

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