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"First came the children, then the adults."

Translation:Først kom barna, deretter de voksne.

July 5, 2015



Could someone explain the presence of 'de' here, since we aren't saying 'those adults'?


"Adults" in Norwegian is an adjectival noun/nominalized adjective, just like "grown-ups" in English. Much like you need to say "the homeless" to clarify the noun status in English, you need the "de" here in Norwegian in front of adjectival nouns like "voksne." It's there to clarify that you're talking about more than one adult.


That makes sense. I had been wrestling with the nominalised adjective status of "voksne" since I learned, and this helps. Thanks!


But we don't need it for 'barna'?


Why not 'voksene'


"voksne" is the plural form of the adjective "grown up, adult"; "voksen" is the single masculine/feminine form. The definitive plural ending -ene is only for nouns, not adjectives used as nouns. That's why the "de" is included, to mark it as plural definitive.


Etterpå is accepted in the place of deretter

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