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Polite order in Ukrainian.

My mother and I started learning Ukrainian together, and we were wondering if the language has polite order. This is because I got the sentence "Я і мама" which I translated as "I and mom" which would be grammatically incorrect in English. We were just confused and we would love if I could get this cleared up!

July 5, 2015



You can order people in any order you like, this doesn't make any difference in Ukrainian :)


But on the other hand I suppose that even when the meaning is technically the same you can emphasize some words in sentence by changing word order. At least that's how it works in Czech.


In this case, you may say as "Я і мама" as "Мама і я". It will not be neither politely nor rube. It will be just normal.


Also it is okay to drop 'my' in Ucranian? My preferred English translation would be "My mother and I", but there is no 'my' in the original sentence.


Yep. You don't necessarily need possessive pronouns when speaking about relatives

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