"I have many questions."

Translation:Eu tenho várias perguntas.

October 11, 2013

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Eu tenho várias perguntas.

I have various questions.

Various is similar to "many" but not precisely. Vário é diverso o variado.


I think "several" is a better translation to "várias"


i was wondering the same. if "várias" means "several" or "many", then how do you say, "I have various questions" with the implication of diversity? Google translate gives, 1) eu tenho várias perguntas, 2) eu tenho diferentes perguntas, 3) eu tenho diversas perguntas.


Just out of curiosity, can Google give several translations at a time? or you were referring to the word? Thanks. 08/03/2017


to my mind "many" is different from "several" . How do I make that appear in BR ? várias is more commonly used for which meaning ?


Muitíssimas means more than muitas. But it is a long word so many natives prefer to increase the meaning by giving emphasis with another word like saying "muitas ... mesmo" which means "really many, really that many". The correct way to say "muitas ... mesmo" is to position the object in between like "muitas maçãs mesmo!"


This construction "muitas/muitos ...mesmo" works for afirmatives only, mesmo has a different meaning if it is a question, same thing for English word really actually...


tenho muitos perguntas.. surely that means the smae thing.. muitos.. many.. varias = various


Tenho muitas perguntas.


questions cannot be traslated as questoes?


Kind of, questões gives the idea of writing questions, for oral ones we use perguntas. Everybody will understand if you say questões for oral questions, but it is awkward. It could also lead to the idea that they are hard questions, disencouraging the native from wanting to answer you. So i suggest you don't do that... Native here btw


Disencouraging, no sir. Discouraging, yes. - Native English speaker


I've seen brasilians use duvidas where we would say questions many times.. Right? Why is that not accepted?


Report it, it is also right


Hey, can't we use "perguntas várias" instead of "várias perguntas"?


When it comes to indefinite pronouns working as adjectives (such as “várias”) or numbers near a noun, I would always use them right before the noun, not right after it.

This is especially so in the case of "várias", because the word "várias" may be a indefinite pronoun working as an adjective (meaning "several") inflected to the feminine (no singular form is accepted in this case) or an adjective on its own (meaning "diverse" or "contradictory") inflected to the feminine and plural.

If you use "várias perguntas", the meaning is "several questions", if you use "perguntas várias", the meaning is "diverse questions" or "contradictory questions", not necessarily many. This happens, because in Portuguese sometimes changing the position of the adjective will alter its meaning.

Therefore, as a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil, “perguntas várias” does not sound natural, especially because we only tend to use “várias” meaning “several”, not “diverse” or “contradictory”.


Cant this be translated as:

Eu tenho perguntas muitas?


As a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil, I’d say it does not sound natural. When it comes to indefinite pronouns working as adjectives (such as “muitas”) or numbers near a noun, I would always use them right before the noun, not right after it.


What's wrong with "Tenho tantas perguntas"?


I answered , '' Eu tenho vários perguntas '' but it is not right and showed me '' Eu tenho vários questionamentos''.


You can use "várias perguntas" or "vários questionamentos".


why is my answer eu tenho muitos perguntas wrong?


It should've ben "muitas perguntas".


I wrote "Eu tenho várias perguntas" It said it was wrong and I should have put ."questionamentos!. Why?


I see "perguntas" as the correct answer. "Questionamentos" is not a common word.


what's wrong with eu tenho muitos perguntas?


"Perguntas" is a feminine, plural word, and "Muitos" is used for masculine, plural words. You should have used "muitas" instead.

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    What are the differences among the following words:

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