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"Mi eldonis mian propran libron."

Translation:I published my own book.

3 years ago



I don't like the word "eldonis" for published. el,donis - from,gave
Seems like we are saying "I gave from my own book". Publikigis would, in my opinion be a better way to say published.

1 year ago

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Verŝajne "eldoni" devenas de germana "herausgeben". el=heraus, doni=geben.

10 months ago


Personal does not work here?

3 years ago


'Personal' doesn't quite work in the context of the example sentence above.

However, 'personal' is one of the definitions of 'propra'.
According to La Vortaro: propra (propr·a) = own, personal

According to ESPDIC (note: the ESPDIC is not always 100% correct):
propra : own, personal, proper, custom
zorgi pri siaj propraj aferoj : to mind one’s own business
audi per oreloj propraj : to hear with one’s own ears
fari ion je propra risko : to do something at one’s own risk
hereda propraĵo : patrimony
je propra ekmiro : to one’s own amazement
kampo kun propraj grupoj : custom group field
laŭ propra eldiro : in one’s own words, by one’s own statements
laŭ via propra diro : as you yourself have said
malpropra : another man’s, other people’s
nepropra frakcio : improper fraction
propra divisoro : proper divisor
propra divizoro : proper divisor
propra enhavo : custom content
propra frakcio : proper fraction
propra grupo : custom group
propra ilobreto : custom toolbar
propra instalado : custom installation
propra kampo : custom field
propra kolorpaletro : custom color palette
propra nomo : proper name
propra paletro : custom palette
propra sinsekvo : custom order
propra variablo : custom variable
propra vortaro : custom dictionary
propradecide : on one’s own account
propraj tiparoj : custom fonts
proprajuĝe : by one's own judgment
propraĵiĝi : to become the property (of someone)
propraĵo : property
propraĵoj : possessions
proprakoste : at one’s own expense
propralingve : in one’s own language
propramana skribaĵo : autograph
propramane : by one’s own hand, with one’s own hands
propramova : spontaneous, voluntary
propramove : of one’s own accord, spontaneously
propraokule : with one’s own eyes
proprapersone : in person
propravola : voluntary, of one’s own free will
propravole : of one’s own accord, of one’s own free will, voluntarily

2 years ago

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Mi ankau' volas fari c'i tiu, al eldonas mian propan libron.

3 years ago