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Music Listening Comprehension Troubles

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Hallo iedereen!

I'm starting my proper immersion in Dutch culture by reading newspapers and listening to Dutch language music.

On one of these forays into Dutch music, I bumped into Eefje de Visser's albums and I was instantly hooked, and I'm trying to listen to a few songs together with the lyrics to get a feel of the language and its sounds. That said, I'm having some trouble understanding some of her pronunciation choices and I'd like some assistance from more trained ears about the pronunciation of certain words.

For example, in this live recording of her song "Ongeveer", it seems like she pronounces "zijn" (around 0:58) with a sound closer to the English "eye" instead of what "ij" should sound like (weirdly enough, I hear it properly on "rij" and "bewijzen" later in the song), and I really don't understand how "zuiden" (1:26) would sound the way it does here - is she stretching the vowels to fit the song structure?

Thank you in advance for helping me out :) Dank je wel!

3 years ago