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  5. "De svarte hundene er mine."

"De svarte hundene er mine."

Translation:The black dogs are mine.

July 6, 2015



Could that be translated as "Those black dogs are mine"


Yes, it can. You would only be able to tell the difference using the context and the tone of voice.


I believe that would be "De svarte hunder er mine".


no, it's definitely hundene, not hunder, because they're referring to specific dogs.


Why is this "de" and not "den?"


It's de for plurals. See the tips and notes for "Adjectives."


Is there anyway to determine the definite or indefinite in sentences with adjectives?


Not always by the adjective alone, but the combination of adjective+noun will always differ.

en svart hund = a black dog
den svarte hunden = the black dog

svarte hunder = black dogs
de svarte hundene = the black dogs


why does de svarte hundene = the black dogs and not de svarte hunder


That is just the convention used in this language. Danish does it in another way. To get a more in depth answer, study the history of the language; maybe there is an answer lurking there.


ok. so we use "de" for the if there is an adjective right? like we could said "hudene er mine" and then if we want to use an adjective we use "de" svarte, or "de" store" ???


"de" (rather than den) is there for the fact that the noun it specifies is plural. it isn't, in this case, effected by the following adjective.


Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to hard to hear the D in 'hundene?' I just kept hearing 'hunne' which doesn't make sense.


In the letter combination "nd" the "d" is sometimes, or often, silent.


In the slow playback it sounds like HUNA and even in the normal playback it is not very clear, this had me scratching my head for ages thinking what is this sentence...maybe I pull out the high end creative sound card and go back to the cheap Realtek one, because there are quite a lot of words that are not being pronounced properly from my perspective and it is getting really frustrating...


Why is there an e at the end of svart in the answer?


Adjectives must agree with the noun in gender and number. In this case, the noun is plural, so the plural version of the adjective must be plural also. In this case, svarte.


Does "svarte" (black) have any connection to one of the nine realms in the norse cosmlogy (SVARTÁlfheim)


Yes, "Svartálfheim" translates to "Home of the Black Elves".


I don't understand, why does "de svarte hundene" = "the black dogs" when "de hundene" = "those dogs" and just "hundene" = "the dogs"?

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