I recently finished Plurals on the French skill tree, and as soon as I finished it I went to do Verbs: Entre/Avoir, but the first lesson in that skill was already done! This is actually the second or third time that sort of thing has happened (it happened a couple times in the Spanish skill tree), and now I'm starting to wonder what the reason is. Does anyone have an answer?

October 11, 2013


because you already have words from previous lessons in that category

But is that actually a reason for a whole lesson to be done for you?


In previous questions, you have been introduced to words that are unique to that new lesson and basically completed the lesson unknowingly .

Okay. Grazie per l'informazione!

i dont have a clue why the entire lesson is done, i assumed you meant the little gold bar at the bottom

I found this happened a lot but i just repeated the lesson anyway.

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