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  5. "What is your name?"

"What is your name?"

Translation:Як тебе звати?

July 6, 2015



Why is що вас звати wrong


OK, so the simple answer is:

Як вас звати? = How are you to be called? - literally.

In English, you can ask, "What are you to be called," but that's unnatural. In Ukrainian, що means "what," but its case would decline in this sentence. Чим вас звати? is very bad Ukrainian anyway.


Що can't be an attribute of a noun ('a name' in this case). It's a question word that means "What" only in phrases like "What is it?", "What did he say?" or "I know what I'm doing". You should look here at the pair "what name" which means "яке ім'я". And the whole cliche "What is your name?" corresponds to "Як тебе звуть?" or "Як (or more seldom яке) твоє ім'я?"


It is wrong because it dosnt make sence in the Ukrainian language. I have been in ukraine for 30 weeks altogether and am part Ukrainian


Shouldn't звати be conjugated?


We have several ways of asking this question.

  • Як тебе звати? = literally, "How to call you?", in infinitive
  • Як тебе звуть? = literally, "How do they call you?", conjugated


We've always used: "Як Ви називаєтеся?"; "Як Ти називаєшся?"; &/or "Яке Ваше / Твоє ім'я?"


This was not taught in the lesson!!!


would it be wrong to drop як and just say "вас звати?" ? Just curious


Yes, it would be wrong. ‘Вас звати?’ means ‘Should I/we call (invite) you?’ — e.i. you are asking whether they want to be called (invited). Questions like ‘Infinitive?’ without an interrogative word mean ‘Should “Infinitive” be performed?


ah thanks for explaining!


Can i say тобі instead of тебе


No. Тобі is the dative case. That would be for example giving something to you. Calling you a name uses the accusative case.


Може так краще: "Як ваше ім'я? "


Як is an adverb, like saying "how is your name." You could say яке ваше ім'я because ім'я is a neuter noun so яке must be a neuter noun determiner.

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