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Object Pronoun "Se"

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Can someone explain "se" to me? I just finished object pronouns and there isn't an explanation in the Tips and Notes of that section on it and my husband (who is also learning Spanish) is no help. I just want to understand its function as it were. Is it indirect? Is it reflexive? Help!

3 years ago



Here: http://www.indiana.edu/~call/reglas/pron_se.html

"Se" is a very confusing aspect of Spanish grammar for English speakers. Though it's commonly associated with pronouns with -self (myself, yourself, etc.), it doesn't happen all in all cases. You need to know when to use "se". The link I've posted list all common usage of "se".

Hopes this helps and if you have more questions, you may ask us here.

3 years ago


It can be indirect (when it is a spelling change from "le," for example) or reflexive, or just add a slight change of meaning. Worth a Google search, or check it out at www.studyspanish.com

3 years ago