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  5. "The girl's first girlfriend."

"The girl's first girlfriend."

Translation:Pigens første kæreste.

July 6, 2015



So progressive =)


You go girl, show the haters how many ducks you give


Would love to see "drengens første kæreste" too


The gir'ls first boyfriend is also a translation.


Is there a way to differentiate between a girlfriend and boyfriend in Danish? I like the ambiguous nature of this sentence, but sometimes it's necessary to be specific.


I guess you’d have to say something like ‘min/hans/hendes kæreste er en kvinde/mand/pige/dreng’. Or ‘min/hans/hendes kæreste ... hun/han ...’ if you happen to casually mention them and don’t really want to dwell on the topic of gender.

[deactivated user]

    And why not veninde?


    I have added this as an answer, but it's worth pointing out for those who may not be aware, "veninde" isn't used to mean a female romantic partner, it's used to mean a friend who is female.


    Yes, but so does ‘girlfriend’ when the person who has the girlfriend is female. At least, that's what it used to mean, and still does to some people, at least as one possible meaning. So it should be accepted as a translation.


    Yes, there is a distinction between "girl friend" and "girlfriend". The context clues seem quite clear in this statement regarding the meaning.


    There is because it translates here to kæreste

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