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  5. "Will you count on me?"

"Will you count on me?"

Translation:Vil du regne med meg?

July 6, 2015



Will you rain with me?


Currently doing "Strengthen skills" and I have never been taught the word for 'count'.


Me too. It seems that there are some hidden Easter eggs when we are doing strengthen exercises


I'm doing for the first time and it showed up. Maybe there was a tree change since the time you first did the exercise...


Exactly what @jhmelman said - it's because of tree changes. After a tree had changed and a skill had many new words added it got demoted and had to do it again with the new words. But of only one word (or two, I dont know where the line lies) you kept the gold badge and the word popps up in practice like it's always been there.


Why is "med" used here, doesn't it mean "with"?


My best guess is that regne goes both ways. Kind of like "are we in this together" just not a direct translation. I hope that makes sense. It does in my head


Simply because you can't translate everything literally. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When we are translating we use words in both languages with the closest meaning possible, but these words are used differently in each language.


Does this mean like, "Will you trust me?"


can this also mean - will (do you want to) you count with me?


That would be "Vil du telle med meg".

This sentence could mean "[Will you/Do you want to] calculate with me"


I made a small correction.


Doesn't regne mean raining?


Yes, but also calculate, reckon, consider ... [ Source ] ...

According to the Wiktionary the both meanings are derived from two different Old Norse words (regna and reikna)

There is also the word en regning - a bill (like a calculated price)


Just in case that someone here is also learning German: we have the same expression ("Du kannst mit mir rechnen" - literally: "you can calculate with me"). It means: I'll be there. You can count on me. On the other hand it could also mean "you can help me solve my mathematics homework". It's really basically the same.


Skal du stole på meg - was correct


Could it mean in English, Do you want to count on me?. And in nork shal du regne med meg? Whats the difference? Its seems like in norsk, vil is more in to 'do u want to'


I am having a difficult time with "vil" meaning "will" here instead of "want to"


This is one sentence, because of the use of 'med' for 'on', that I have had to learn parrot fashion, not understanding why 'med' is used. I don't like to learn this way. :(


it's so strange to me that it's not "på" instead of "med."


Especially since you would use på if you were using the word "stole" (trust)

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