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"La infanoj havis bonajn manierojn."

Translation:The children had good manners.

July 6, 2015



To clarify: The original name of the company is “Pepperidge Farm” and it was named by Margaret Rudkin after her family's property. The property itself is named for a “pepperidge tree” and that is a common name for Nyssa sylvatica used occasionally in the Northeastern Usonia.

Following the pattern of esperantisation of Latin systematic names that would be niso silvatika, although I didn't find this particular name anywhere in Esperanto (the species isn't very popular). However, I found using this botanically correct name not fit the meme and so I decided to use another common name “tupelo”, which among the others (Eng.: “black gum”, “sour gum”, “beetlebung”, Pol.: “kląża”, “błotnia”) it is the most international: it comes from Muscogee words “ito” and “opilwa” and can be found also in Arabic (“طوبال”), Danish (“Skov-Tupelotræ”) and Finnish (“Mustatupelo”)…

I conclude this by realising that all my thoughts presented above are meaningless, as now I had found that there indeed is a word tupelo meaning generally everything from the genus Nyssa. Don't know why I hadn't found that earlier… I didn't want my work to be lost and so I post it anyway. :D


Dankon! Mi pensis ke la pakumo aspektas familiare.

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