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"I upload a file and you will download it later."

Translation:Mi alŝutas dosieron kaj vi elŝutos ĝin poste.

July 6, 2015



Unu el la elektoj estis "mi alŝutas dosieron kaj poste vi elŝutos ĉokoladon". Mi deziras ke tio eblus.


Sounds like a command!


Would this be understandable?

"Mi enretigas dosieron kaj vi elretigos ĝin poste."


"elretigos" sounds as if he removes it from the Internet.

You are adding it to the Internet when you first upload it so "enretigi" sounds reasonable. But "elretigi" for a non-destructive "download" doesn't really work for me.


In English, "will" can mean future tense, but it could imply imperative. "You will download it later" might be declarative as in elsxutos. But could it also be "Vi elsxutu gxin poste" imperatively?


Just from the context of the sentence, I would personally assume that "elŝutos" would be the better form. "Vi eluŝutu ĝin poste!" kind of implies a sort of Darth-Vader-choking-the-guy kind of scene. This sentence seems a little nicer than that.


What is the precise difference between dosiero and dosierujo ?


"Dosiero" = "file." "Dosierujo" = ("dosiero" = "file") + ("ujo" = "container"). Thus, a "dosierujo" is a container of files.


How about:

Mi alŝutas dosieron, kaj vi sekve elŝutos ĝin.

My thought was, the -os verbtempo already marks it as later in time, so poste is redundant, but sekve links the two actions.

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