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How much score in certificate (from 5.0) is good?

I got only 2.55. Can I qualify DELF-DALF A2?

October 11, 2013



Sorry, obviously you cannot qualify DELF-DALF A2. My only suggestion for you is to try completing the tree first. BUT, don't be discouraged you know, taking the test is probably really hard and I think you should be really proud of yourself.


Great response and advice!


Can anyone explain firstly what this score system means. I am not from the USA and don't understand the SAT scoring and why you would get an exam without any answers to show you where you were going wrong.


I am interested in finding out more about what the certificate score means. For example, on the ILR scale a 2 out of 5 would be considered "Limited working proficiency" in a language. ILR Level 3 is "Professional working proficiency."

I completed the Spanish tree and according to a DELE placement test I took I should study for the B1 test. I took the Duolingo certificate test on the same day and scored a 2.77.

Looking at the DELE sample tests I know I could pass the A2 no problem. The B1 test seems to be knowledge from the bottom of the tree which would make sense because while I am now familiar with the material I still struggle there. Overall I would say I'm almost at the B1 level.

It may be that I just did poorly on the test and if I re-took it I'd score higher. That is why I am interested to know what it is all about.


I was wondering about that too. Just got 4.5/5 in my certificate German to Spanish. It cannot have anything to do with the ILR Scale, because my language abilities are nowhere near a four, I'd probably be at 1+ or 2 if you took that scale. Would be nice to know how the certificate works.

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