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"It is annoying when you are yelling."

Translation:Det er nederen når du står og råber.

July 6, 2015



I thought 'nederen' meant sucky?

[deactivated user]

    It does, but "nederen" is only used by young people and only very informally.


    So what is the difference if any between skrige and råbe?


    Skrige is high pitch. Råbe is full on volume.


    Why can't you just say når du råber... and leave out the står og..?


    You can. It would just be a different sentence ;)


    Could you explain this 'står' thing in simple words? Why is it important and how do I know wether it is needed.


    'Står' implies that you are standing up, being upset and shouting. Without the 'står' it would just say that when at times or whenever you shout out loud, that is not very pleasant. Adding the 'står' makes it a more immediate and forceful shouting incident. Maybe others can explain it better more grammatically, this is just how I would explain it ;)

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