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  5. "Scrivo qui la differenza."

"Scrivo qui la differenza."

Translation:I write the difference here.

July 6, 2015



"Here I write the difference" means the same thing and should be accepted.


Is this a sentence about Maths?


I was wondering about the same thing. In what context is this a meaningful sentence?


"Here I write the difference", is just as good. It's an awkward usage in either language, I mean, who would say that?


Are there rules as to where we should put 'qui'? For instance, can we put qui at the end of this sentence instead of after scrivo?


This discussion might be helpful: http://italian.stackexchange.com/questions/5550/posizione-di-qui-in-una-frase

It looks like it's okay to move «qui» around a sentence, so long as it doesn't break up a noun phrase.


What does it even say? I would somewhat understand if it says "write down" but like this is seems strange


Picture this: you are checking out of the hotel, and you paid for the first three nights and then stayed one more night. The person checking you out might circle and write down what you still owe them!


Non posso vedere la differenza tra "I write the difference here" e " Here I write the diffetence". In English, they are phrases with identical meanings.

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