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Italian translator

Today I went to go to do some Italian and I went to the first lesson and passed by peeking only. I couldn't understand what the person was really saying and couldn't go any further the Italian voice sounds muffled and as though she/he is in pain. I can't understand what it is saying and it is VERY hard for me to focus. Is there any way we could change this?

October 11, 2013



Yes, unfortunately there are some voice problems with the Italian voice auto play. My only suggestion is to turn off the sound in the settings area.


For the time being, turn off the Italian speaker until you feel that you have a decent understaning of the words. Then turn it back on to practice listening.

-Changed opinion


thanks so much guys. Hopefully they can fix that soon


Do you really think so, Zigg? I've always found her voice clear and her accent typical of the north. It does get strange if you have to slow it down though... there is some weird gasping and sighing between words.


Gasping? It sounds like she's seriously injured to me :P


4 months ago. Now I'm used to her voice and I actually think the speech isn't that bad.
Good ear training. Just the occasional weird gasping, like you mentioned.

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