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  5. "Vuoi fare un piccolo sforzo?"

"Vuoi fare un piccolo sforzo?"

Traduzione:Do you want to make a small effort?

October 11, 2013

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COLLINS, how to use English, says:"Do" is used as a main verb to say that someone performs an action, activity or task. "I did a lot of work this morning / After lunch we did the dishes / The children should do their homework before dinner". You use "Do" when you are asking someone what their job is:" What do you do?--I'm a teacher". You don't normally use "Do" when you are talking about creating or constructing something. Instead you use "Make": "Marcella made a delicious cake". MAKE-1. doing and saying things----You can use "Make"when you want to say that someone does or says something. For example, if someone suggests something, you can say that they MAKE a suggestion. If someone promises something, you can say that they MAKE a promise: "I MADE the wrong decision / In 1978 he MADE his first visit to Australia". Here ia a list of common nouns that you can use with MAKE in this way:arrangement, choice, comment,decision, effort, mistake, noise, plan, point, promise, sound, speech,suggestion,visit. You use "MAKE" only when you are mentioning a particular action. When you are talking generally about action, you use "DO": "What have you DONE? / You've DONE a lot to help us". 2. creating and producing things. If you MAKE an object or substance,you create or produce it:"Sheila MAKES all her own clothes". You can also say that someone MAKES a meal or a drink:"I MADE his breakfast".If you create or produce something for another person, you can say that you MAKE someonesomething, or MAKE something for someone:"I have made you a drink / My grandmother made this dress for me" Spero che adesso sia più chiara la situazione!


Perchè "Do you want to do a little effort?" non è corretta? Grazie


Il sostantivo "effort" richiede il verbo "to make". E' una piccola regola del linguaggio comune inglese. Fonti: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1672061langid=14


Se non erro, To do è fare qualcosa come anzione, to make come costruire. Che ne dite?


Anche io la penso così, ma Duolingo la pensa diversamente infatti mi ha appena tolto un cuoricino!!!!!!


Perché non va bene do you want pay a little effort


Pay è pagare che c'entra nella frase?

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