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I have chosen: Esperanto!

As my new language I have chosen Esperanto! I am enjoying the first stages of it and the male's voice, XD. I hope it is a good language to learn and that I will continue to be happy with it. Thank you all!

July 6, 2015



Mi deziras al vi ĉion bonan en ĉi melodia lingvo. Mi ankaŭ elektis ĝin kaj ĝi amuzas min.


I have no idea what you just said... English, perhaps? I am only a begginner...


ElwiraAm said, "I wish to you all good in this melodious language. I too choose it and it amuses me."

Bonŝancon, comencanto! (Good luck, beginner!)


Saluton. I don't mean to be rude,but 'beginner' in esperanto is komencanto (I'm only mentioning because when I saw how you spelt it I was confused at why the two 'c' letters would have different sounds.
To Silver_Night, this shows an amazing part of esperanto that you can know something is spelt wrong because it doesn't fit the pronunciation; no exception :)


Oh, thank you so much! (both of you)


You will understand it in some weeks ;D

Vi komprenos gxin post kelkaj semajnoj ;D (I've been studying the international language for a month and some days right now, and I could write that alone, without any vortaro (dictionary) )

Bonvenon komencanto, al la esperantaro! :D


It is said to be one of the easiest languages one can learn. Good luck with your Esperanto:)


Thanks! It is just one of those 'just for fun' languages I wanted to learn!


Despite the fact that Esperanto is a new language. It is quite developed and functional. Take a look at this page: https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikipedio:%C4%88efpa%C4%9Do Bonan semajnon Silver_Night !


I did the same choose!


lerni esperanton estas pli amuze Good luck in your studies. I am really enjoying Esperanto so far.


some informations: https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto
- if you desire an English translation.... klaku sur la dezirata lingvo ligilo maldekstre de la paĝo :) :) :)


Jen informoj pri 28 lingvoj en Eŭropo (ankaŭ pri Esperanto):


I wasn't sure I'd be too into it when I first started.

Now it's one of my most favorite languages, if not my favorite of all.

Bonŝancon! Good luck!


Thank you as well!


It is sad that you stopped learning Esperanto... It gets funnier and more interesting in the end :D


Yes, I decided it would be more important to learn a fully-functioning language like French instead of one that maybe 1,000 random people speak. But I will take your word for it! Thanks!


I need to clarify something. I don't mind if you decided to stop learning Esperanto. That is your decision and probably it's well taken. Just to say that Esperanto is a fully functioning language, the size of the speaker community can be a (personal) reason to don't learn a language because there are less chances to use it, but the language is not a project or something under developing, it's fully-functioning.


Today I was in a room that held more than a thousand Esperanto speakers. Nearly 3,000 took part in the World Esperanto Congress. The Universala Esperanto-Asocio has about 5,000 full members and about 15,000 allied members (some are in both categories).

A conservative estimate is that about 160,000 - 300,000 people speak Esperanto.


Yes, but Esperanto helps me to understand French better. :-)


Oh, yes! they are similar!


I made the same decision and dedicated myself to other languages for a while but then I came back to Esperanto. Unplanned languages are riddled with too many inconsistencies, which I find exasperating. I also realised that you can spend thousands of hours learning a language and still not master vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, etc. You will always be a foreign speaker, even when you reach an advanced level. With Esperanto, though, everyone has started at the same level. As an Esperanto saying goes, 'In Esperanto-land no one is a foreigner' (En Esperantujo neniu estas fremdulo').


bonvenon komencanto


You are going to have a lot of fun with it. I see you finished the Spanish tree, a lot of the words are going to ring as similar to Esperanto vocabulary, but the conjugation is going to be a million times easier. You should check out the movie Incubus for some completely Esperanto based art. Have fun and good luck!


Mi gratulas vin multe pro via decido. Vi ne bedaŭros vian elekton.


I love Esperanto, it’s the furthest I have gone in acquiring another language. I love having the sensation of thinking in another language directly and not having to stop and translate every single word. I am certain this will come in handy as there are some other languages I am interested in.

I can also see some of the power and limitations of English. In a way I have to mourn certain events in my life that didn’t go well because of poor communication. I think I know how to improve my English ability after learning some Esperanto


Saluton kaj bonvenon, Arĝenta Nokto. Mi esperas ke vi ĝuos Esperaonton!

(Vocab you might not know yet:

arĝenta - silver

nokto - night

esperas - hope (present tense)

ke - that

ĝuos - will enjoy (future tense))

[deactivated user]

    nokto :)


    Dankon. Mi korektis ĝin.


    Just to clarify:

    I corrected it. = Mi korektis ĝin.
    I had to correct it. = Mi devis korekti ĝin.
    I have corrected it. = Mi estas korektinta ĝin.

    A note on that last sentence, only use -inta if you absolutely want to express an action this precisely. Most of the time, the simple verb form -is is the better choice.


    Dankon. Mi korektis ĝin.

    I think my brain tangle up English and French grammar and tried to apply them to Esperanto! Thanks.

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