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Gender defining articles

Why doesn't duolingo include the articles la or el for Spanish OR der, die, das for German in the flash cards or on the list of words. Since this is one of the toughest skills for native English speakers, the articles should always appear on the simple word list or flash card so we can always associate them instead of guessing.

July 6, 2015



I always thought that they should. That's how I learned them in my Spanish class ages ago.


I agree! I get so many wrong, just because I can't remember if the word is masculine or feminine.


From the Coursera course, The Bilingual Brain, I learned that the reason native Spanish speakers know grammatical gender so well is that they learn the article and the noun as a unit when they are children. So I agree that Duo should include the "the."

(But I wonder how it is for Russian speakers, because there are 3 genders but no articles.)


I was wondering the same thing. It would help extremely.


yes!! I agree! I always practice them this way when I make my own flashcards


So, how do we get Duolingo to make the update to include the articles? Meanwhile, if all of you who commented here can ask for the gender articles directly to Duolingo when getting the opportunity it might help.

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