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"The girl is eating a sandwich."

Translation:Jenta spiser et smørbrød.

July 6, 2015



one of the choices says 'Pika'. My life is now complete.


Why is it et not en?


The word "skive" should be accepted.


Wouldn't it be jenten, as a definitive?


Not necessarily. Jenta can be used at the same time as Jenten, from I have observed.

Note to yourself and everybody: Do NOT dive into a lesson without reading the Notes at the beginning. It will answer to your questions as you pursue the lesson


Not for a female noun


this is the best programm ever .


It said i have a typo when i chose "ei smorbrod". When do you you et vs ei?


It says I got it incorrectly for writing "Jenta spiser et smørbrød" instead of "Jenta spiser et sandwich". While I think if I wrote or said "sandwich" instead of "smørbrød", my meaning would come through, isn't "smørbrød" actually the correct word in Norwegian? Why did I get this one wrong for writing smørbrød instead of sandwhich?


I got this too. Jenta spiser et smørbrød.

it accepts Jenta spiser en sandwich. Probably not Jenta spiser en smørbrød.

Now I am not native in norsk. I don't even like sandwiches! Maybe you can clarify the difference between en and et.

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