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  5. "He likes his cabin."

"He likes his cabin."

Translation:Han liker hytta si.

July 6, 2015



I am confused about why there is an n ending on hytten and sin or alternatively no n ending on either word if hytta si!


'hytte' is a feminine noun, which, like all feminine nouns, can be inflected as a masculine noun.

'hytta(feminine)' = 'hytten(masculine)'

'si' is used for feminine nouns, while 'sin' is used for masculine (and 'sitt' for neuter and 'sine' for plural).

So you can either say "hytta si" or "hytten sin".


So... longer endings to the nouns = use the longer associated possessive? Does that always work? That would be a good way for me to remember.


Except for the neuter form, 'huset sitt', which has a suffix that's just as long as the masculine form, but the possessive is as long as the plural 'husene sine'.

I think it would be easier to remember that the last part of the possessive contains the same letter as the suffix. 'huset sitt', 'husene sine', 'hytten sin', and the feminine form is the only one ending in a vowel: 'hytta si'.


Hytta hans was also accepted is that correct?


That would mean he likes someone else's cabin.


Ja, Vegard liker.


why is "sin" a typo here, instead of incorrect?


Duo's grading algorithm is a little too forgiving at times.


I agree wholeheartedly lol


Do we have to signal these "too high forgiveness" as problems?


Han liker hytta sitt - also translates into " he likes his cabin" so why is Duolingo marking it as incorrect??


The words si, sin, sitt, and sine are related in that they all point back to the subject as the possessor, but they're not completely interchangeable.

Which word is correct to use depends on the grammatical gender and number (singular or plural) of the object of possession.

In this case, hytta is a singular noun that has been declined as feminine, which means you have to use the corresponding singular feminine possessive si, not the singular neuter possessive sitt.

Therefore, hytta si (in addition to si(n) hytte and hytten sin) is correct.


Hi duo. Iv just realised from reading these comments that there is a Tips feature for each lesson - but I cant see the lightbulb icon. How do I get to the tips?


You can access those when you use Duolingo on the website. They are not available for the app.


How do you know what is feminine or masculine noun? OMG!!!!

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