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Streak records

I'd like Duolingo to maintain the highest streak achieved ever by a user. Before the implementation of "streaks" I used to practice at Duolingo a few days a week, but during more time per practice. The streak system offers motivation to practice a little everyday and, by the way, the launch of the Android app helped too. Although I don't yet really see a notable difference in learning, I liked this, as one more achievement.
Then, I propose that if I lose the continuity of streaks, instead of making it fall to zero, that Duolingo keep record of "active streaks" and "record streaks". For example, at this moment I have a red fire icon indicating my current streak. If I wouldn't practice one day, the icon could just change of color (e.g a blue fire) as indicating that it is not currently active, but it's the record of the highest one ever achieved. And it could recover its original color once I'd surpass such a number.

By the way, is it true that the streak freeze doesn't really save/freeze the streak because if one goes to one's profile and hover over the streak, it would show a drop-down list with all zero?. Since when I don't practice one language, its streak falls to zero, even though having a streak-freeze bought at the store
I post here while training my English (feel free to correct :) ), and I think this part has more activity. :|

October 11, 2013



I forgot duolingo yesterday and lost my 30-day strike :'(

I like this idea... Another implementation could be that you start your streak from zero again, but you also see what your previous highest streak was, so that will motivate you to immediately start trying to break that record...


I agree - the streak makes it more of a game / fun, but I also liked when German Duo would say "Verflixt!" - kind of get mad at me for flubbing up the section. Now they made Duo be politically correct. Sorry, never used the streak freeze before; had a good run and then the internet connection went down for a few days, so rebuilding.


your english is really good

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