"I eat anything."

Translation:Jeg spiser hva som helst.

July 6, 2015



I've seen the word "eter" a few times, but I'm not really sure when you would use it. Can anyone clarify this for me?


You might say that å ete is the more Scandinavian alternative to å spise.

The former is from Old Norse eta, and is exactly the same root as in our "eat". It is rare in Bokmål, but it is the standard word in Nynorsk and Swedish (spelt äta, present tense äter). I often use it in these exercises just because it's shorter to type.

The latter is Danish, from Middle Low German spise ("meal"), from Old Saxon spisa, from Latin expensa (an "expenditure", something "paid for" or "weighed out"), from ex ("out") and pendo ("I weigh").


Thank you very much for the detailed response! It's always so fascinating to see how languages are connected and where words come from. ^_^

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It's a variant of 'spiser' which always is interchangeable with it. The difference is that they will be used in different regions of Norway, but isn't less wrong or better than the other.


Tusen takk for svaret! :D


"Hva som helst" sounds a bit like "Was zür Hölle" in German. Except in German its like saying "Faen" in Norwegian I think.

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