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"La nordaj landoj de Azio estas malvarmaj dum vintro."

Translation:The northern countries of Asia are cold during the winter.

July 6, 2015



Northern countries of Asia? Is there any country in the northern part of Asia besides Russia?


Depends on your definition of how far south "north" reaches, perhaps, but what about Korea and Mongolia?


Yay Korea! When I was young I thought it snowed everywhere every winter


Russia is a bit blown up in our world maps because it's near the poles. Just like how Greenland often looks about the same size of Africa on the Mercator maps we usually use, when in reality it doesn't even come close. (comparison image)

If you look at a map with actual proportions, like this one, then you see that Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, Korea and the northern half of China are considerably farther north than it usually seems on world maps. Together they about the same size as the Asian regions of Russia.


A Mercator map shows the latitude of countries just fine. If one were to consider Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, Korea and the northern half of China, one would be considering the latitude of the entirety of Europe.

Using a map that shows proportions accurately, you'll see that those areas are obviously just as far north as they are on a Mercator map. Considering most of the temperate zone as northern countries doesn't change that the Russian Federation is the only Asian country further north than Ireland.


That's a bit of an understatement...


"La norda lando" devus esti la termino, čar la sola lando en "Norda Azio" estas la Rusio. Jes, mi sciias ke mi estas "smartass".


Nu, ĉar la teksto parolas pri "nordaj landoj", ni scias ke devas pli ol unu. Eble la landoj ĉi tie estas ekzemple tiuj norde de la Kaspia Maro.

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