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A Poem for Duolingo

  • Many have said thanks to you
  • But just to show I care
  • I've written a short poem --
  • For which I'm here to share

  • Across the globe they are teaching
  • The next generation the are reaching
  • Impacting the world each day --
  • It's Duolingo all the way
  • Wait a moment! That's not all!
  • They've made it so that you
  • Can also help add languages
  • And make a difference too!
  • Alas,
  • Fluency in two languages is something that I lack
  • But DL has given me so much
  • I'd like to help give back!
  • So if there ever is a way
  • Of help that I could be
  • Just let me know, give me a call
  • I'll be there as you'll see :)


  • Duolingo — you're the best!
  • You really are so great
  • This program is so brilliant
  • You've been able to create!

"Impacting the world each day, it's Duolingo all the way"


October 11, 2013



This is super cute! Thank you clarabouch!


Thank you! I love to write poems :)


Cool. Now translate it into German.:)


Haha, I could probably do some of it... :)


give it a shot!


No, I don't know, I think I could get some parts of it, but it would be really messed up. Let me try the last part:

  • Duolingo -- Du bist die besten!
  • Du bist wirklich so toll
  • Dieses Programm ist so brilliant
  • Du hast erstellt!

I really don't know the last line... maybe you could do it for me. :)


Maybe like this:

  • Duolingo -- Du bist das Beste!
  • Das Beste der Welt!
  • Dieses Programm ist genial
  • Von dir so erstellt!

I know that I changed the second line, but I thought it would be cool to keep it in rhyme!


Perfect! I love it! :)


a great poem! Duolingo is the BEST!!!! :D


Duolingo is awesome nice poem!!!


Awesome poem! I totally agree. :)


Great job!

BTW, here's my favorite poem :D



Oh. My. Goodness. That is my favorite poem too!!!! Gotta love Roald Dahl ;)


I missed this somehow in my childhood. THANK YOU for sharing, Samsta! (I don't usually go for all caps, but that seemed to merit it.) :)

It's not as good, but this is one I have gotten much amusement from over the years: http://www.turnoffyourtv.com/poemsessays/jimmyjet.html


Thanks I love it!


Great, now all you need to do is translate it into all current duolingo languages. Edit: you could upload the poem to the immersion section and see how the duolinguers translate it


Really? Do you think that would be valid though? And I've never uploaded something before, so I'm not sure how it work.


Yes, although you need to post it in an external site because the upload won't really process anything from the duolingo forum.


I think you miss an y in the second line, or i'm missing something...

[deactivated user]

    "Impacting the world each day, it's Duolingo all the way." I'd like to see this become the DL motto :D


    Why not? I think DL needs some motto :).

    [deactivated user]

      Very nice poem, by the way. Thanks for sharing!


      Very nice, i liked it:) take care!


      I had learned English and Russian when I at school. Several months ago, I found Duoligo at an Android App website. I start learning French from English with it right now. Since I'm Chinese, it will be a challenge for me,but I will persist in it.

      [deactivated user]

        Nice! (5 years later...)

        [deactivated user]

          Aaaaand...you've reached 50 likes! (50th by me!)

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