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Turkish tree conquered & a new language love

So I wouldn't normally make a post like this but I've studied a lot of languages and I just want to say that the most fun I've had in a while has been with Turkish! I'm hooked! I saw a link earlier for lyricstraining.com, which is genius, and I'm gonna take full advantage. Thanks, Turkish team and thanks to everyone for all the discussions!

July 6, 2015



Congratulations Aulawabbel, I am starting with the Turkish, but it seems so hard with the pronuntiation obviously and everything you're doing is cool... Felicidades nuevamente! (y)


Don't fret, the pronunciation is very consistent and easy, as long as there is a clear explanation. (Which duolingo unfortunately doesn't offer) Try this page, I'm a still a beginner with Turkish but I can pronounce words without question now http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/alphabet.htm Good luck in your learning!


Wow! Look at all of those finished trees! Congrats and let me (or anyone else on the team) know if you need any help in finding ways to continue learning Turkish! :) Tebrikler, Maşallah, Harika!


How can you see the finished trees?


Congrats! Good job!


congratz aulawabbel ! Turkish seems interesting, I might pursue the owl when I finish Dutch, how long did it take to conquer the tree ?


It took about 2 months, but I'm not really sure; part of the time, I wasn't focusing solely on Turkish. Regardless, I have a lot of repetition to do; I think I'm going to try and gild the whole tree. Turkish is definitely interesting, no doubt about that.

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