"He was in Odessa long time ago."

Translation:Він був у Одесі давно.

July 7, 2015

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The translation should be "He was in Odessa a long time ago."

Also, what is the difference between the given response and "Він був у Одесі давно тому.?" I did test and it was marked incorrect.


Because "давно тому" doesn't exist... This structure works for a specific time: "три дні тому", "два місяці тому", "чотири роки тому". But "давно" on its own already indicates past, "давно" can never be now or in the future, it means "long time ago", all in one word. So you just say "давно".

e.g. Я давно не була на Duolingo :)


Why not в одесі?


був в Одесі - two successive "в"s

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