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How to use possessive 's' is Danish when person's name already ends in 's'


I was just wondering how the possessive 's' [e.g. min mands bil er sort/ Sallys task er gul] would be used with the person's name when that name already ends in 's'. For example with the name Carlos.

How would I write it in Danish to say 'Carlos' car is black' ? I'm not completely sure about the correct grammr rule in English (if we should write Carlos' or Carlos's or either), but the English apostrophe makes the meaning clearer. As Danish doesn't have the apostrophe, I'm confused as to how to do it. Thanks in advance.

July 7, 2015



The other responses are only partly correct. There are three correct ways to do it:

  1. Add " 's ". Example:

Carlos's bil er sort.

  1. Add " ' ". Example:

Carlos' bil er sort.

  1. Add " es ". Example:

Carloses bil er sort.

Officially, all three are correct, but the first one is definitely the most common one. The second one is used by some people, but many find it confusing*. Very few people use the third one.

*The reason it's confusing, is because no matter how you write it, you pronounce the word with an "-es" at the end (so Carlos', Carlos's and Carloses are all pronounced "Carlos-es").

TL:DR: Add -'s, sometimes you might find people using -'.

I am a native speaker, btw.


Thank you so much for the full explanation! I'm going to pay close attention to see if I can see the different ways being used.


I have to correct you here.

Since 2001 there has only been one 'officially' correct way (i.e. according to Dansk Sprognævns retskrivningsregler) to do it. And that is to add an apostrophe only: Carlos'

I will add that the apostrophe also applies to names ending in x or z, e.g. Marx' or Inez' and with names with s/x/z-endings where the s is not pronounced, e.g. Jacques' or Bordeaux'


Just like in English. Lars ---Lars'


I just wonder how you sticked out to level 14 Danish,seriously congrats.That language is giving me nightmares so i just decided to stick with Svenska and Norsk,much more understandable.I mean they're pretty similiar,but spoken Danish is impossible to understand.


To be honest I haven't really got that far down the tree, I think only half way, but I've been practising over and over again! I also think it's pretty difficult to understand, but it's made me more determined to make some progress in it!


Swedish is giving me quite a bit of trouble,too.The problem is not that i can't remember the words or grammar,but my problem is when i have to write down what i hear.Just trying to practice it over and over,not giving up. It's said that Danes themselves sometimes have trouble understanding eachother.The Germans say to speak Danish you must have a potato in your throat haha :D

Wish you all the luck,and to stay determined in learning the language!


apostophe. Example: Hans' katte er hvide.

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