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"İstanbul Türkiye'deki en büyük şehir."

Translation:Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey.

July 7, 2015



Why not "İstanbul Türkiye'de en büyük şehir" ?


"Türkiye'de" can't really act as a modifier, especially in a sentence without a verb. The -ki here makes it into an adjective of sorts (it is really a relative clause and you literally say "Istanbul is the biggest city that is in Turkey). :)


I think the question is, can we consider Türkiye'de not as a modifier but as an adverb of place. Like: "In Turkey, Istanbul is the biggest city." Maybe we should place it somewhere else then? "Türkiye'de İstanbul en büyük şehir" ?


But I guess it is still correct to say it without ki. It wouldn't change the English translation I think.


no, it is certainly wrong in Turkish; it is not about the English translation, you cannot translate something which is already wrong :)


Is "Türkiye'de en büyük şehir Istanbul'dur" grammatically correct? (Not as a translation of the above-written English sentence, but on its own...)


"Türkiye'nin en büyük şehri Istanbul'dur" is more correct.


Doest this sentence "İstanbul Türkiye'nin en büyük şehir" transport the same meaning?


Let's just focus on "Türkiye'nin şehir" part. It isn't grammatically correct. "Türkiye'nin şehri" would be the correct answer. (The word 'şehir' take an "-i" suffix and the vowel before "r" drops) Here we have a correct translation of "Turkey's city" or "the city of Turkey".


So "İstanbul, Türkiye'nin en büyük şehri(dir)" would mean "Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey"


Does it mean exactly the same thing to say: "Türkiye'deki İstanbul en büyük şehir." ?


no, "Türkiye'deki İstanbul en büyük şehir." is a weird sentence meaning "Istanbul in Turkey is the biggest city"


I think it would mean "Istanbul that's in Turkey (in distinction to other cities with the same name) is the largest city" ...


As if it tells me that there is another Istanbul-named city out of Turkey, isn't it? It does not make my sense anyway.


I think I see what you're saying... It seems you're interpreting it as "The Istanbul that is in Turkey is the biggest city." However, that would need "Türkiye'deki" in front of "Istanbul": Türkiye'deki Istanbul en büyük şehir."

The word with the 'ki' suffix works as an adjective, so it comes before the thing it is modifying ("en büyük şehir"). In Duo's sentence there is still only one Istanbul: "Istanbul is the biggest city that is in Turkey." :-)


Istanbul is the biggest town in Turkey was marked wrong. Why? Isn't city and town the same? (I'm not a native English speaker)


Cities and towns are often not quite the same, but there's probably only a handful of native English speakers in the world that could explain how (and since it's often tied to local regulations and/or traditions, they might all give you different reasons). Thankfully, we'll never have to hear that explanation because both "city" and "town" are accepted.


why is "in turkey istanbul is the largest city" not correct?


"Türkiye'deki" modifies "city" and it needs to be located next to it in English :) You can also think of it as saying "Istanbul is the biggest city that is in Turkey."

You can't quite say "That is in Turkish, Istanbul is the biggest city" :)


Then, why "hastanedeki doktorlar" (who are in the hospital, the doctors) is correct in Turkish? I think no one's answering the question here. To put it simply, where do we use -deki to modify a noun in Turkish and what are the variations of the rule?


-deki creates a relative clause that can then always be used to modify a noun. But (as you figured out before your next post) the order of the words here matters. Modifiers come before the thing they modify -- so "Türkiye'deki" is modifying "en büyük şehir." You can also see this in the full structure of the sentences in both languages, and the placement of the verb:

İstanbul <==> Türkiye'deki en büyük şehir.
Istanbul <==> the biggest city in Turkey.


I think "Türkiyedeki" is modifying "en büyük şehir" and not "Istanbul".


wouldn't "Istanbul is Turkey 's biggest city br a better translation?


Did you try it? Is it one of the accepted answers.


Not "better" -- but it is also accepted.


Yes, (in terms of population) Istanbul is indeed the largest city in Turkey. :-)


If 'Türkiye'de' needs to be near the thing it modifies, it would seem to need to go next to 'şehir'. Istanbul is the biggest city (which is) in Turkey.


In the Turkish sentence it refers to "in Turkey", and not to "the city".

Istanbul is a city which is / located in Turkey = Istanbul, Türkiye'de olan / bulunan bir şehir.

A city which is X = X olan bir şehir

It is referring / relating to the word "city".


Why not “İstanbul is the biggest Turkish city”?


This is translated as "Istanbul, Türkiye'nin en büyük şehridir"

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