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  5. "I come because of you!"

"I come because of you!"

Translation:Mi venas pro vi!

July 7, 2015



I'm never going to need to know how to say that... :(



Why not "ĉar" here?


ĉar indeed means "because", but "pro" means "because of". It's sort of a dumb thing at first, but it makes sense.

I died beacause I ate too much chocolate: Mi mortis ĉar mi manĝis tro multe da ĉokolado(n?)

I'm sick because of the bad food: Mi malsanas pro la malbona manĝaĵo.


After "da" - no accusative.

A couple of alternative constructions if you feel the need for an accusative: "mi manĝis tro multan ĉokoladon" (not as common as "... multe da ...", but sometimes encountered), "mi manĝis troan multon da ĉokolado" (perfectly logical, but hardly used), "mi manĝis na tro multe da ĉokolado" (non-standard, but popular in certain circles).


Kiujn ĉirklojn vi parolas pri?


Mi venas tial vi ?


Ne. "Tial" signifas "therefore".


Wouldn't "Mi venas pro vi" mean "I come for you!"? Shoudln't "Mi venas ĉar vi" at least be accepted?


Mi venas cxar vi means i come because you

It is an incomplete sentence i believe as there needs to be some clause after cxar. Like "mi venas cxar vi demandis min"

The word "pro" however does mean "because of". This is another way of saying "for" in english but of course "for" in english also means "meant for" which is of course "por" in esperanto.

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